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How Tulane’s Career Services Prepare Students for Computer Science Career Paths

June 24, 2024

Computer science master’s degree graduates should be able to choose from myriad job opportunities as organizations’ appetite for new technologies continues to grow. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects much faster than average growth in computer and information technology employment through 2032, with over 370,000 job openings yearly. A master’s degree can improve your chances of landing a higher-responsibility, higher-paying position.

Whether you want to advance in your current organization or pivot to a new focus area, a computer science master’s degree opens many career options. When it comes time for the job search, Tulane University Online Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) students and graduates don’t have to go it alone. They can access various career-related services and resources to help them discover new opportunities and make informed decisions. 

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Career Services for Tulane MSCS Students

Online MSCS students can access all of Tulane’s career services. Tulane’s Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (OGPS) offers personalized career services to all graduate students. As an Online MSCS student, the OGPS is your primary career resource. 

Services offered to Online MSCS students through OGPS include: 

  • One-on-one career counseling: Tulane master’s students can schedule a meeting with the OGPS career counseling team for personalized advice. Tulane recommends that students contact the career counseling team at least six months before graduation to allow the team enough time to assist them optimally. 
  • Workshops: OGPS runs bi-weekly sessions during the summer semester to help students prepare for their job search. Workshop topics include resume writing, interview skills, negotiating compensation and benefits, and time management. 
  • Interview support: Tulane’s Big Interview training platform provides practical advice and information to job seekers. Participants also get hands-on practice with mock interviews tailored to their area of study or interest. 
  • Articles and resources: OGPS provides students with links to valuable resources on topics such as choosing a mentor, networking, and negotiating an offer. 

Online MSCS students can also access the general Career Engagement site, which features: 

  • Resources on various topics related to preparing for your future career, such as building professional connections, searching for a job, and salary negotiation.  
  • Virtual events and career fairs at which you can connect with potential employers. 
  • Job listings for part-time and full-time jobs in various fields. 

Graduates enjoy lifetime access to the university’s professional development resources. Personalized advice and networking opportunities can benefit you regardless of your career stage and graduation date.

Other Ways Tulane MSCS Supports Your Science Career

The career benefits of studying at Tulane don’t end with the university’s formal career services. Being part of an active graduate program where you can interact with diverse classmates and faculty can also spark ideas and open doors. 

Professional Guidance from Faculty Members

As an Online MSCS student, you can interact with faculty members during regular office hours. Office hours not only enable you to discuss coursework but also to seek career advice. The Tulane MSCS faculty comprises internationally recognized researchers and practitioners with in-depth industry experience. 

Tulane’s Online MSCS program offers six areas of specialization to help you advance your career in line with your interests. During online office hours, you can interact with professors who specialize in these areas to gain insight into the industry and seek advice on preparing for your future career. 

Professional Networking with Your Peers

Tulane’s small online classes facilitate relationships among students. These interactions can lead to new opportunities and connections that will prove valuable throughout your career. Furthermore, as an MSCS graduate, you will join the Tulane alumni network, providing continued networking opportunities long after graduation. 

Quality Career Services Starts with a Solid Academic Foundation 

To make the most of the career services available and land your dream job, it helps to have the right experience and credentials. If you’re currently a computer science professional or you have a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics-related bachelor’s degree, the Tulane Online MSCS can help you build the skills needed to accelerate your career. Tulane MSCS graduates develop in-depth expertise in their area of focus, bolstering their efforts to land their ideal jobs. 

Advance Your Computer Science Career at Tulane

The Tulane Online MSCS prepares students to make the most of the expanding digital space while focusing on a field that interests them. In addition to core coursework in algorithms, computer networks, and AI, the curriculum includes elective courses in six specialization areas: computational geometry, computational biology and informatics, algorithms and theory, systems, data science, and artificial intelligence and machine learning. This preparation equips students to entertain various career options upon graduation. Students also benefit from interactions with faculty and peers that build their professional networks and create opportunities they might otherwise not have had. 

The Tulane Online MSCS delivers coursework 100 percent online, which means you can earn your master’s from anywhere at your own pace. This program design accommodates working professionals who want to add to their qualifications without putting career development on hold. 

Next Steps: Start Your Application to the Online MSCS Degree Program

At Tulane, student support extends throughout the program and beyond to facilitate the best possible chances at success. The Online MSCS curriculum provides students with the skills and expertise needed to advance their careers, while career services assists them in researching and pursuing their ideal jobs. As a Tulane Online MSCS student, you can access personalized career advice through the OGPS, workshops, resources, interview training, and more. 

If you want to earn your advanced degree at an institution that will support you every step of the way, connect with an enrollment advisor to learn more about the Tulane Online MSCS and admission requirements. If you’re ready to move forward, start your application.

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