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How an Enrollment Advisor Can Help You Submit a Stronger MSCS Application

May 23, 2024

Applying to a graduate program is a big step. Some find it stressful, in part because they experience uncertainty about the process. Most applicants ponder the same questions. Which program best suits my career goals? What are admissions committees looking for in a successful candidate? How can you optimize your application to improve your likelihood of gaining admission? 

Fortunately, answers to these questions are readily available. Applicants to the online Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) at Tulane University have access to enrollment advisors (EAs) who can help them navigate the program research, application, and enrollment phases. When you apply to Tulane’s online MSCS program, your enrollment advisor will provide support from the moment you express interest until the day you start classes. Continue reading to learn more.

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Understanding the Application Process at Tulane 

To qualify for the Tulane online MSCS program, you must hold a STEM-focused (e.g., science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) bachelor’s degree. Your undergraduate degree does not have to be in computer science, but you should be familiar with elementary programming languages. Finally, an overall GPA of at least 3.0 overall (as well as in your major subject) is expected.. An EA can help you determine program eligibility before applying. 

To apply, you must create an account on the Tulane application portal and upload the following:

  • Transcripts from all institutions where you earned credit, even if you weren’t awarded a degree. You can submit unofficial transcripts; official copies are required upon admission.
  • Two references, ideally including one professional and one academic reference
  • A personal statement discussing your educational background, academic and professional goals, and how your experiences have prepared you for an online MSCS
  • A current resume or CV

You do not have to submit GRE scores. Language test scores (TOEFL or IELTS) are not required but strongly recommended if you earned your bachelor’s degree outside of the U.S. at an institution where English was not the language of instruction. An EA can assist prospective students who are uncertain about any aspect of the application process, such as who to approach for references or what to include in the statement of purpose. 

Tailor Your Application with the Help of an Advisor 

Your EA knows what the admissions team seeks in candidates; they can provide you with personalized advice to identify and showcase your strengths when applying. This may include helping tailor your personal statements to highlight relevant experiences and identifying the best professional and academic references to approach for letters of recommendation. EAs can also help you address weaknesses such as a low GPA. 

Navigate the Technicalities with Confidence 

Building a relationship with an EA involves more than just a phone call. Your EA can guide you through every step, from introducing you to the MSCS program and tracking application deadlines to preparing you for your first semester. EAs are also your best resource when facing technical issues; they will support you while navigating the application interface or submitting required materials.

Leverage Tulane’s System of Support from Day One 

The MSCS program at Tulane is entirely online and can help you achieve your career goals without relocating or quitting your job. The curriculum consists of core courses on industry subjects ranging from algorithms to artificial intelligence. You can tailor your experience to focus on a computer science specialization in one of six focus areas: computational geometry, computational biology and bioinformatics, data science, systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and algorithms and theory. 

Contact an enrollment advisor (available by phone, text, and email) to learn more about the MSCS program at Tulane or to start your application. 

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